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Integrating Natural & Conventional Therapies

You can log into the Patient Fusion portal to access your medical records. 

After logging into your account, select Health Records then click the blue Export button

Detailed instructions can be found in the Patient Fusion help section.


You will choose to download your medical records file, or have it delivered to an email address. 

If you plan to email your records to your new provider, then choose to have the file emailed to you, however, it is recommeded that you also choose to encrypt the file by selecting Encrypt and Password Protect. You will be asked to create a password to protect the file. You will need to provide this password to anyone you want to open the file. If you don't encrypt the file, and the email is intercepted by someone, your medical records file can be opened.  

As an alternative to email, you can choose to  Download the file to your computer without encryption being necessary. If you have access to your new provider's website portal, the file can be uploaded directly there without the risk of sending by email.

To have your records sent directly to your provider, fill out the Records Release Authorization at the following link:  https://hushforms.com/recordsreleaseauthorization  Records will be processed within 2 weeks.

Getting your Medical Records